Depth Conversion & Velocity Modelling

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Depth Conversion & Velocity Modelling

Velit is the Equipoise Software Velocity Modelling in Petrel and Depth Conversion Package

Velit uses an extensive library of industry-standard velocity modeling methods using well velocities or seismic processing velocities to build up a precise picture of the geological surfaces. It enables you to use a wide-ranging number of features to interrogate your data in many different ways, enhancing your operational efficiency, as well as your effective capability in producing a best technical case velocity model.

Depth conversion is an iterative pursuit, requiring you to try out a range of ideas to determine the best velocity modelling solution. Velit allows you to quickly see how different velocities and structural forms impact the depth of your targets.

The new Velit Wizard forms an excellent introduction to depth conversion techniques and the capabilities of the software and covers most depth conversion scenarios, allowing the user to depth convert layer by layer quickly and assists the user in understanding the velocity modelling methods available.

More complex depth conversions may still be performed using easy to use, extensive workflow system enabling fast data analysis and constrained, randomized multiple realizations for modeling depth uncertainty or extensive reservoir modelling that can produce a range of surface depth conversion results, all of which are valid and tie the well formation tops. Multiple realisations of depth and prospect volumetrics can be used to produce a probability distribution of proven, probable and possible reserves (P10/P50/P90).

Velit Profile module is used for handling complex geological scenarios when the geology cannot be represented by grids; handling multi-Z interpretation data (e.g. reverse faulting, salt intrusion etc.). Channels, pods etc. can be incorporated to model velocity anomalies (e.g. push down, shallow surface gas, gas seepage etc.)

Velit is branded as VelPAK within the IHS Kingdom software. Functionality between Velit and VelPAK models are identical and projects generated in one can be viewed in the other and vice versa.