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IHS Markit Explore Energy Events 2019

This year we will be attending the IHS Markit Explore: Energy events in London and Houston on the 18th and 28th October respectively. These events bring together E&P professionals who specialise in data management, data science, asset valuation, geoscience and engineering with a focus on the latest technological software tools that are available to aide collaboration, new value and efficiencies that are created through digitalisation.

In London, the theme of the conference talks will discuss how the Oil & Gas industry can demonstrate profitable growth, while competing with the return on investment seen within other industries, whilst also adhering with the Energy Transition. This will undoubtedly rely on greater analytical understanding of the complexities of the socio-economic impacts of climate change and how AI-powered technical solutions may add extreme connectivity between commercial and technical workflows.

In Houston, the discussions revolve around how we can combine Geology and Engineering Workflows to identify prime Analogue and Digital opportunities. These include how surface and subsurface data can be better combined to better understand and validate shale gas plays, as well as the evaluation and planning of horizontal wells in target zones.

We will be at both events demonstrating how time-to-depth conversation, with improved data quality enhancements from Artificial Intelligence created well logs, and analytical visualisation tools, will provide a greater depth of understanding of the robustness in predicting accurate velocities. To this end, less money will be wasted where inefficient, outdated workflows, are replaced with the latest technological advancements.

We will also be discussing how we will be able to provide the elastic parameters required for accurate reservoir characterisation and pore pressure prediction, by showcasing the latest developments to our Pre-Stack Inversion tool, within Kingdom Seismic Inversion.

If you would like to come and see how we can help you be on target in depth and see the results for yourself, then you can contact us to arrange a private demonstration at sales@equipoisesoftware.com


We look forward to seeing you there!