Depth Conversion in Geological Scenarios Relevant to Latin America

New YouTube Video Released

We are pleased to announce that a new tutorial video is now available on our YouTube channel:

In this video we discuss three different techniques that VelPAK/Velit can use for depth converting a range of geological scenarios on the Kingdom or Petrel geological platforms respectively.

These are:

  • Deep water compaction with or without salt
  • Onshore complex structural traps limited to 2D data
  • HiDef module available from within VelPAK/Velit


To handle deep water compaction, the software enables you to combine well velocities and seismic processing velocities and can tackle this problem in three ways. These are taken as follows:

  1. Combine the well velocities and processing velocities and calibrate the processing velocities to the well velocities and subsequently depth convert layers using the calibrated velocities.
  2. Smooth the processing velocities and use them as an external drift surface to guide the gridding of well velocities.
  3. Use seismic velocity traces to derive velocity-depth relationships.

The profile mode within the software enables you to depth convert any geological scenario in 2D datasets, but is particularly useful for tackling onshore structural traps with complex geology, for example. In this video we give an overview of how a faulted section containing a salt structure may be delineated and divided into discreet layers, or units in the case of a shallow velocity anomaly, for example. VelPAK/Velit then enables you to assign an interval velocity or a function to each of these layers/units and the profile can then be converted from time to depth at the click of a button.

The video then covers the HiDef tool which will provide you with the capability to scale processing velocities to create hybrid models that are geologically constrained, which can be useful for layers where processing velocities may be less reliable.

If you would like to know more about VelPAK/Velit, to arrange a presentation, or set up an evaluation, then please contact us on

Using VelPAK/Velit to tackle a range of geological scenarios relevant to Latin America
Article Name
Using VelPAK/Velit to tackle a range of geological scenarios relevant to Latin America
This video explores several elements of the VelPAK/Velit software that are relevant to depth converting geological scenarios common to Latin America. The software is available on the Kingdom/Petrel platforms respectively from IHS Markit and is developed by Equipoise Software.