‘Reducing Uncertainties in Depth Workshop’ in Kuala Lumpur

We will be attending the EAGE Workshop on Velocities: Reducing Uncertainties in Depth, held in the Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 25th – 27th April 2016.  As well as attending the workshop we will be available to discuss the functionality of our software, with the most relevant aspect to the workshop being the Risk Reduction tools.

The Risk Reduction capability of Velit/VelPAK enables a range of depth conversions to be computed, that may be statistically analysed to provide the volumetric probability distribution around an initial Best Technical Case model. On from there we are able to determine probability of closure maps and investigate the spill point of a reservoir.

There will be a series of Technical Keynote speakers at the workshop, all discussing various aspects of depth conversion.  On Monday 25th the first talk will be presented by Dr. M. Al-Chalabi, with the title “From Imaged Depth to True Depth”.

The Principle Geoscientist at our sister company G. Pugh will be discussing Depth Conversion and Resources Assessment, and the importance of these principles in the industry. This will be the first of two talks on Tuesday 26th, with A. Atkinson presenting A Geological Approach to reducing velocity uncertainty in the afternoon session.

The fourth of these speeches will be on Thursday 27th, given by E. Verschuur where he will be discussing Joint Migration Inversion and how to solve complex problems via effective parameterisation.

With depth conversion generally being responsible for the bulk of the uncertainty in the estimation of field reserves, it can be noted that Velit/VelPAK produces accurate velocity models quickly and enables you to develop a reasonable estimate of depth uncertainty, based on a large number of depth models derived from one or more depth conversion schemes.  The software can then identify the key parameters that control the range of Gross Rock Volume, giving you confidence to refine your velocity model accordingly.

During the three day workshop, there will be a number of break-out sessions, so please feel free to contact us on sales@equipoisesoftware.com if you would like to book in for a demonstration during these slots.