Training Update for VelPAK/Velit

We are able to offer various types of VelPAK/Velit training, either on-site or online.

Given the need for accurate depth prognosis, it is vital that quality training is given to get the absolute best out of our Depth Conversion software. We address this by teaching basic theoretical elements behind depth conversion, interspersed with the operational use of VelPAK/Velit, with also address to Extended Elastic Impedance. Each training course provides a full overview of the product features, using a worked example of a real depth conversion project from the Southern North Sea. The bulk of the training is “hands-on” work using the software, with the focus on exploring the workspace and achieving accurate, timely depth conversions.


Elements covered:

  • Basic Depth Conversion Theory
  • Using the Petrel link or TKS link to load data into a model, QC and Software Interface
  • Simple and Advanced Well Based Depth Conversion Methods
  • Seismic Velocities Theory Analysis of Well Velocities, including reference to EEI Inversion
  • Seismic Velocity Modelling in Petrel Methods
  • Discussion on Uncertainty and Features Overview
  • Using numerical optimisation to determine the best parameters for time-depth functions such as V0KZ
  • Coping with Depth Uncertainty
  • Analysis of Well Velocities
  • Generation of SEG Y velocity volumes from the model
  • Construction, manipulation and editing with the Workflow system
  • Depth conversion of complex profiles (for channels, diapirs, reverse faulting, shallow gas compensation etc.)
  • An introduction to Velit/VelPAK risk reduction using stochastic modelling
  • Multiple realisations of depth conversion
  • Probability analysis of volumetric (P10/P50/P90)
  • Spill-point determination
  • Sensitivity analysis to determine the levers for depth conversion
  • Generation of high definition velocity volumes

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Also Covered During The Course

We also cover Well Error Correction, Kriging, Velocity Trends, Anisotropy, PSDM volumes and Map Migration.

We offer one, two, three and even four day courses for the strong hearted. Contact for more information. In the meantime, have a look at our support videos for some quick ‘How To’ guides. See you soon!