Pre-Stack Inversion Training for IHS Markit

We’re pleased to announce that as part of our continued working partnership with IHS Markit, we’ve commenced a training programme for their global team about our Pre-Stack Inversion module.

The course has been developed to fit into the already busy schedules of their staff and has been packaged into bite sized chunks of 10 minutes, with the course delivered over an 8-week period.

The course covers a theory section about pre-stack inversion and aligns with the Seismic Inversion course, which was run last year. The most notable part of theory to mention is that Kingdom’s Pre-Stack Inversion enables you to separate the lithology of the rocks in the subsurface from any fluids/gas in your data set, but most significantly, you can also distinguish between fluids and gas themselves.

It can be seen in this cartoon of a multivariant cross-plot how the Gas charged sands, the Oil filled sands and the Brine filled sands are physically located in specific areas of the respective plots, depending on the chosen parameter selection. The arrows relate to the direction that the data points will orient themselves, with each graph representing the same data being stretched and rotated in different ways. It can be seen on the Lambda Rho / Mu Rho plot that the oil filled sands in Zone 1 overlap with the background sediment and may not be so easy to separate.

Our Inversion contains all the industry standard cross-plots and are easily selectable at the click of a button. This will enable you to use the toolset in any way you find appropriate to determining that the fluid/gas content of your dataset can be separated, or not.

You can see an overview video of the Pre-Stack Inversion module here and if you’d like to find out more about Kingdom Seismic Inversion, please contact us on