About Equipoise Software


Equipoise Software Ltd is an independent software company specialising in niche products for the energy industry. Based in London, Equipoise Software is closely linked with ERCe giving us unrivalled access to data and expertise. We produce independent software packages, plug-ins for Schlumberger’s Petrel system and modules for S&P Global’s Kingdom Software.

“We develop and evolve robust, technically advanced software, which enhances the operational efficiency of geophysicists”

Equipose Software office

Our Strategy

Our key software strategy is the adoption of a ‘No Black Box’ approach, enabling our users to examine, adapt and add to the methods according to their requirements. Our development strategy is to work with high quality data, and draw on the expertise of industry associates to continually evolve our products to be both reliable and sophisticated.


  • We welcome the challenges associated with continuous innovation
  • Build trust by routinely delivering on what we have promised
  • Focus on the development of working relationships, rather than just the sale of our products
  • Invest in the personal development of our staff to maximise their full potential
  • Contribute to education and sustainable environmental practices