About Equipoise Software


The founding members of Equipoise Software came from the Scott Pickford and CoreLab and established our company in May 2004. Now, with over 35 years in the Oil & Gas industry, we are experts in the fields of Depth Conversion and Seismic Inversion.

We are based in Croydon, London, UK and share office space with our sister company ERCe (formerly ERC Equipoise) who are globally renowned consultants in the O&G industry. This is especially relevant as we’ve been able to leverage their expertise and data as part of our journey of continuous software development.

We produce independent software packages, plug-ins for Schlumberger’s Petrel geoscience platform and modules for S&P Global’s Kingdom software. Historically we’ve enjoyed a strong partnership with SMT, IHS, IHS Markit and now S&P Global, as the Kingdom software has been owned by these successive companies.

We develop Kingdom’s VelPAK and Kingdom Seismic Inversion modules, where their wide global customer base has provided us with feedback from geoscientist from around the world, which has resulted in us providing the world’s most complete depth conversion toolset, which is trusted in over 400 sites around the globe. We’ve also used our market analysis to develop a fast-paced Pre-Stack Inversion toolset that will perfectly compliment your existing Seismic Inversion workflows.

More recently, we have expanded our offering by taking VelPAK and providing it as a Petrel plug-in and branding it as Velit, which has been rolled out worldwide by S&P Global and is now fully compatible with Petrel versions from 2014 through to the latest release.

“We develop and evolve robust, technically advanced software, which enhances the operational efficiency of geophysicists”

Equipose Software office

Our Strategy

Our design philosophy is geared toward developing software which is both reliable and sophisticated, easy to use and applicable to every level of user experience. This is achieved by the development of software Wizards that guide you through various workflows, resulting in improved operational efficiency of your tasks.


  • We welcome the challenges associated with continuous innovation
  • Build trust by routinely delivering on what we have promised
  • Focus on the development of working relationships, rather than just the sale of our products
  • Invest in the personal development of our staff to maximise their full potential
  • Contribute to education and sustainable environmental practices