Specialists in Depth Conversion and Seismic Inversion Software for the Oil and Gas industry

We are a highly experienced, independent software company specialising in depth conversion and seismic inversion software. Our ethos focuses on forging strong working relationships with our clients, to enable a process of feedback and continuous development of our software toolsets.

We have a strong commitment to provide the highest levels of support and customer care, and utilise web screen sharing technology to demonstrate, educate and guide you through the scientific and technical aspects of our packages. Based in London, Equipoise Software are closely linked with ERCe giving us unrivalled access to expertise and global project experience. We also have very strong ties with S&P Global who retail our products as VelPAK and Kingdom Seismic Inversion on the Kingdom platform and as Velit and InSeis on the Petrel platform.

“IOG is a gas and infrastructure operator focused on becoming a material developer and producer in the Southern Gas Basin. Understanding depth conversion uncertainty and quantifying resource range is critical for our business.  Velit was the best depth conversion tool we found that allowed us to identify the drilling locations carrying the least geophysical risk and quantify the range of possible outcomes.”

Mark Sawyers

Chief Geophysicist, IOG Plc.

Our Strategy

We thrive in an environment whereby we can work together with you as partners, to solve geophysical problems associated with depth conversion and seismic inversion, and develop new technology as a result. While evaluating our toolsets, we welcome the challenges associated with continuous innovation and build trust by routinely delivering on what we have promised.

We invest in the personal development of our staff to maximise their full potential, with this focused on the relationship we will build with you, rather than just the sale of our products.

Software Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is geared toward developing software which is both reliable and sophisticated, easy to use and applicable to every level of user experience. This is achieved by the development of software Wizards that guide you through various workflows, resulting in improved operational efficiency of your tasks.

One of the key elements of our packages is the adoption of a ‘No Black Box’ approach, which enables you to examine, adapt and add to the methods, according to your requirements.

“We develop and evolve robust, technically advanced software, which enhances the operational efficiency of geophysicists”