Depth Conversion Training Course in Velit

The Depth Conversion Training Course in Velit  is a 3-day course and covers similar ground as the VelPAK training course with the additional day allowing in-depth discussions on the following topics:

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Day 1

  • Loading data into a model from a Petrel project
  • Associating interpretation to formation tops using layer definition
  • Using curve fitting methods to determine parameterised depth conversion methods
  • Removing residual depth errors by back interpolation to well formation tops
  • Importing and calibrating stacking velocities to real well velocities for depth conversion

Day 2

  • Using numerical optimisation to determine the best parameters for time-depth functions such as V0KZ
  • Generation of SEG Y velocity volumes from the model
  • Construction, manipulation and editing with the Workflow system
  • Depth conversion of complex profiles (for channels, diapirs, reverse faulting, shallow gas compensation etc.)
  • An introduction to Velit risk reduction using stochastic modelling
  • Generation of high definition velocity volumes

Day 3

  • Using the Petrel link to load data into a model
  • Multiple realisations of depth conversion
  • Probability analysis of volumetrics (P10/P50/P90)
  • Spill-point determination
  • Sensitivity analysis to determine the levers for depth conversion