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Inversion Webinars to be hosted by IHSM

Here at Equipoise Home Front we have been busily socially distancing and producing three webinars to show the features of the Kingdom Seismic Inversion package.

Made up of the three modules the webinars take you on a journey from the quick and easy Colored Inversion module, through the Simulated Annealing Inversion module and finally our new release for Kingdom 2020 – Constrained Cascaded Pre-Stack Inversion.

What is Seismic Inversion?

The aim of Seismic Inversion is to transform the conventional seismic reflection signals into layered properties that distinguish different formations changing the seismic amplitude reflectivity data back into the original rock properties, with layer boundary information becoming intra-layer information.

  • Colored Inversion
    • This is a fast and robust method of generating a seismic inversion data type ideally suited for use by all interpreters
    • It increases interpretation productivity, accuracy and confidence
    • There is low data entry requirements – a well with a good quality sonic log and time-depth chart is all that is required
  • Simulated Annealing Inversion
    • SA Generates both relative and absolute acoustic impedance
    • Relative impedance is optimal for interpretation productivity, accuracy and confidence
    • Absolute acoustic impedance has the original amplitudes restored and can be used to generate reservoir properties such as porosity and permeability in simple scenarios
    • Requires at least one well with good quality sonic and T-D chart, but optimally a density log and a velocity volume to provide a constraining model
  • Pre-stack Cascaded Inversion
    • Extends the Simulated Annealing algorithm to generate elastic impedance volumes, lambda/mu/rho volumes etc.
    • Optimally pre-stack inversion requires a well with good sonic, density and shear velocity logs, angle stacks and a velocity volume

Have a look at our posts from earlier this year that have done a focus on various aspects of the Pre-Stack Inversion for release with Kingdom 2020.

Look out for the Webinars to presented sometime soon! Contact if you want us to let you know when the Webinars will be presented in your region.