Velit’s Profile Extractor

An Overview of the Profile Extractor in Velit

One of the latest developments in Velit/VelPAK, which will be a useful tool for the Offshore Wind industry, as well as having other applicability for the Oil & Gas industry is our Profile Extractor.

From profile data as seen in the screenshot above, not all horizons have been picked over the whole area. Historically, to perform a depth conversion in profile mode of the 2D data, you would have had to create a ‘snapped and sealed’ section as shown below.

‘Unsnapped’ Data

This could take considerable time especially if there were possibly thousands of profiles within the area to ‘snap’. Now, however, this new module will enable you to be able to perform a depth conversion of ‘UnSnapped’ data.

As long as the SEGY data is named the same as your profile line by simply pressing the button in the Profile Extractor the velocity will be extracted from the SEGY and an on-the-fly depth conversion will be performed on each point of the time profile. Processing a handful of lines for multiple layers only takes a few minutes.

Viewing The Data

The data can then be dynamically viewed, per layer, as a ribbon display in depth in the Surface module.

Hovering over the profile once the extraction has been performed will also show each individual value of each point hovered over.

The depth converted data points can be extracted as XYZ points via the XYZ property grid and gridded up – or gridded up directly.  Once gridded, the grids can be compared to the corresponding tops in any well logs over the area and the Error grids produced.

This easy-to-use tool is capable of working with typical Oil & Gas data sets; however it has been specifically designed to handle the high-frequency data used by the Offshore Wind industry. We believe this could be very useful to perform depth conversion where you have few, to no wells in your datasets and require an automated operation to process hundreds of lines of 2D data at the click of a button.

If you have any questions about the new developments of our software, or want to discuss our other products, or the depth conversion training courses we provide, then please get in touch with us at where we’ll be happy to discuss your questions in more detail.