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EAGE 81st Annual Meeting: London 2019

This year’s annual EAGE exposition, now in its 81st year, is held at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London’s docklands, UK. The theme for the event is “Embracing Change – Creativity for the Future” and with 6,000 people, from almost 100 countries, is set to be one of the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary events in the geoscience world. From field trips, to short courses, special interest sessions and workshops, there’s so much on offer in addition to the main technical programme itself.

With the exhibition showcasing the most recent developments from 350 companies in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering, the event provides attendees the chance to improve their product knowledge, interact with the latest technological innovations, and speak with the people behind these products.

With climate change being an increasingly important topic of conversation in the industry, there is a noticeable shift toward efficiency and the cleaning up of industry practices. With such focus, more emphasis can be placed upon the proper quantification of accurate time to depth conversions and the importance of better understanding reservoir characterisation.

We will be at the show to discuss how our seismic inversion and depth conversion modules (developed on the Petrel and Kingdom geoscience platforms) can assist you with deterministic impedance models and how to create robust velocity models that can accurately delineate complex geological structures in depth.

Through the operational use of VelPAK/Velit 2019, you can potentially save millions against the cost of misplaced wells, with the software enabling you to create Best Technical Case velocity modelling from an industry leading number of features. The package also boasts the capacity to quantify your risk and accurately determine your P10/P50/P90 volumetric reserves, giving you unrivalled economic assessment of your prospects.

Working on the 80/20 rule, Kingdom Seismic Inversion/InSeis can potentially save you the time and money in having to perform a full Pre-Stack Inversion, providing a ‘model independent’ Inversion as a final product.

If you are interested in how our cost-effective tools can assist you in making the right decisions in depth and you’d like to know more about our inversion technique, then we look forward to seeing you at this year’s EAGE, or you can contact us to arrange a private demonstration at:


We look forward to meeting you there!