Meet us at the EAGE in Vienna, Austria

The 84th annual meeting of the European Association of Geophysical Exploration is held this year in the Messe Wein Exhibition Congress Centre in Vienna, Austria, and runs from Monday 5th to Thursday 8th of June 2023. This year’s theme focuses on ‘Securing a Sustainable Future Together’ and invites discussion around the climate challenges and the geopolitical turmoil that we face in our world today. The key issues of energy security, energy independence and a move toward a sustainable energy transition will be highlighted at the conference, including debate around how we can cooperate and adapt our traditional ways of working to address our uncertain future.

With the main body of the new Strategic Programme covering these topics, the conference will also showcase how the latest developments in geophysical, geological and engineering research will play a vital role in contributing to finding new meaningful solutions. New ideas and case studies will be presented at the high-quality Technical Programme along with discussions around topics such as decision quality and analysis, the on-going digitalisation of the industry, the development of new partnerships, and how we can improve stakeholder engagement. Further to this, the technical sessions will have a central role in presenting the latest developments in the low carbon business areas which encompass, CCS, CCUS, H2 storage, geothermal and wind.

With many aspects of working in the subsurface, including the exploration of new Oil and Gas reservoirs and the identification of key sites for Carbon Capture and Storage, accuracy in depth is critically important. Our customers boast predictive accuracies of less than 1% error versus the total depth to target. We’d love to chat with you about how you are currently performing your depth conversion workflows and discuss ways that we can help you consistently achieve such results. We can provide you with a strategic review of your established practices and showcase how the use of our software, and the appropriate training of your team can significantly reduce your risk in depth. We have also developed our depth conversion software to be applicable to workflows suitable for high resolution data for the Wind industry and will be showcasing this development at the show!

Our Director of Sales & Marketing Dan Williams will be attending the conference, and if you’d like to arrange a meeting you can contact him on:


Tel: +44 7756 790 817

Alternatively, you are invited to meet him on the stand on an ad-hoc basis. This year we are hosted on the stand number #220, with our software partner S&P Global Commodity Insights. You can see the location of the stand in the red circle below:

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

If you’d like to know more about Velit then click here. To contact us for a free evaluation e-mail us on

The software is provided by S&P Global (who we partner with for Kingdom) with perpetual and subscription pricing available on request. We offer a series of Teams meetings throughout the evaluation to help you quickly step up the learning curve and enable you to see the results for yourself. We also provide a series of depth conversion training courses which you can click here to find out more.