Velit – Easy to use ‘no black box’ depth conversion and uncertainty toolkit

If you’ve not heard of Velit before, you might be wondering how a software package that contains over a million lines of code can ‘suddenly’ appear on the Petrel platform?

The answer is that the nearly 20 years of development of the toolset has primarily been completed through the development of Kingdom’s VelPAK module (already trusted in over 400 sites worldwide), which has more recently been coded as a velocity modelling Petrel plug-in and rebranded as Velit.

The software features an easy-to-use Wizard, which will enable you to achieve highly accurate velocity models and understand the range of depth uncertainty associated with your best technical case model, whatever your level of geophysical experience with respect to depth conversion. The package also contains an extensive workflow system, which opens the software up to achieving solutions which go outside of the standard tools available in the Wizard. It also provides you with complete transparency of all the software operations that will likely be significant if you’ve ever grumbled to yourself about the ‘black box’ nature of other depth conversion software.

Velit contains a substantial range of depth conversion tools which include the ability to leverage seismic velocities and well velocities, the numerical optimisation method developed by Dr. Al-Chalabi (who literally wrote the book on Depth Conversion – click here for one of the most comprehensive texts on the topic), the ability to automatically generate 1000 depth models to de-risk your target(s) … and a whole lot more!

“If you drill a well at 2.5km’s below the surface and you are less than 8 metres out, you were lucky! If you drill another well at a similar depth on another prospect and are again less than 8 metres out, you should go and buy a lottery ticket! However, if you drill a third well at similar depths and are again less than 8 metres out, you’re no longer lucky, you’re using the right tools for the job.”

Due to the eye watering cost of some wells, you’ll find that Velit is a cost-effective investment and provides you with everything you need to get the job done right first time, potentially saving millions of dollars versus mis-placing a well.

If you’d like to know more about Velit then click here. To contact us for a free evaluation e-mail us on

The software is provided by S&P Global (who we partner with for Kingdom) with perpetual and subscription pricing available on request. We offer a series of Teams meetings throughout the evaluation to help you quickly step up the learning curve and enable you to see the results for yourself. We also provide a series of depth conversion training courses which you can click here to find out more.