Depth Conversion & Seismic Inversion at AEGC 2018

1st AEGC Meeting 2018

The first Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC) is held between the 18th – 21st February in the ICC Sydney and is being put together through an amalgamation of the following societies: the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.

The technical program will follow on from the Adelaide Conference of August 2016 from the three organisations, with a high-quality program incorporating the Eastern Australian Basins Symposium, the Central Basins Symposium and the Western Australian Basins Symposium, with a range of speakers from China, Far East Asia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, also covering the wider region.

At the conference we will be presenting the recent additions to our Kingdom Seismic Inversion and Kingdom VelPAK modules, as well as introducing the development of these modules on the Petrel geoscience platform, branded as InSeis and Velit respectively. We are working in partnership with IHS Markit to bring this technology into the Petrel marketplace, due to our long-standing relationship.

It is important to know that our modules work as Petrel plugins without the need for a Kingdom base licence, and do not tie up the Petrel licence either during operation.

Over this last year we have been working on a series of performance enhancements and a few new features of the software:

  • Our InSeis module now enables you to simultaneously generate the Absolute Acoustic Impedance and Relative Impedance volumes along with a Synthetic Seismic Volume.
  • Velit can now calibrate your stacking velocities to your wells, either as a percentage or by volume, with the final product being a SEG-Y Stacking Velocity volume that perfectly matches the data at well locations.
  • You can then use this data to create pseudo-wells in a regular grid, giving you extra control points in datasets with sparse well control, which will improve the scope of the well based methods.

If you would like to meet us at the show and discuss how we can help you make the right decisions in depth that could save you millions of dollars and learn about the theory behind our inversion technique, and see the results for yourself, then you can contact us to arrange a private demonstration.


1st AEGC Meeting 2018
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1st AEGC Meeting 2018
The First AEGC Meeting is due to take place on the 18th to the 21st of February 2018 - and we're attending. Learn more.
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