Pre-stack Inversion: Litho-Fluid Mapping

Once the Elastic parameters volumes have been created this module allows you to cross plot the two selected volumes around a well. Selection by means of up to three polygons to highlight the areas of interest will instantly show up in the display on the right defined in the same colour as the polygon for traces around the selected well.

The time window can be cut down to approximation of the area of interest with the samples colour coded by a third value.

The volume on display in the right hand display can be scrolled through in the inline and cross-line direction using the sliders, or jump to a specific line if required, to review the area of interest

The characterisation volume can be exported and the data matching the polygons is flagged by the number 1, 2 and 3 according to the polygon number. These can then be visualised in 3d in VuPAK and manipulate using the usual Kindgom tools.

Coloured Inversion Log Calibration Software diagram