VelPAK Kingdom 2016 Link Video

We now have a new video demonstrating the features of the VelPAK Link in Kingdom 2016, available to view on our YouTube channel here:


This webinar will outline the new link between the Kingdom database and the VelPAK model in the Kingdom 2016 release.  The video will guide users through the new link, which is designed as a Wizard, enabling you to step through each section of the data loading process, replacing the link in previous releases.

The new link supports different customisable data views, this innovative new feature makes it easier to spot missing or duplicate data. The link now checks that imported grids are conformable and re-samples the grids if required. In addition to this the new link gives you the choice of associating your interpreted surfaces with the well formation top. Previously this process would have meant the user having to work within the Layer Definition tool, therefore the new link has made the process more streamlined.  The layer definition used by the Dynamic Depth Conversion tool can be reviewed during import to save time building the equivalent layering in the VelPAK model.

As you will discover in our video the new link has been designed to be far simpler. Users will find the link easier to understand and use, as well as improving efficiency at handling larger projects.

The Link works by reviewing the Kingdom project tree and scans the parent project for the data that is required to be loaded into VelPAK.  You can then load the entire dataset, or discreetly choose the data type you wish to import, using tick-box functionality.  With this link you can import Wells, Surfaces, 2D Seismic, 3D Seismic, 2D Horizons, 3D Horizons and Polygons into VelPAK and it will guide you through each of the data types as you step through the Wizard using Drag-and-Drop functionality.

The Link enables you to transfer data back into the Kingdom Project tree following completion of your Depth Conversion velocity model in VelPAK.  You can transfer pseudo-wells made in the model during this step and you even have the option of specifying the units you desire these to be in. Any grids you have in the model, and any velocity volumes that you have generated are then simply transferred back to be viewed in Kingdom 2016.

Enjoy our webinar on the VelPAK Kingdom 2016 Link and feel free to contact us if you require anymore information on 020 8256 1150 or email us at