Simulated Annealing Inversion: Hidef Macromodel Building

Due to a band-limited nature of seismic data, seismic inversion is not able to recover the frequencies below seismic bandwidth. In order to obtain a full bandwidth of earth impedance, low frequency components of impedance must be determined from other sources.

Our HiDef utility creates such a background model in three dimensions compatible with geological structures, seismic processing velocity and well log data. The result is a highly detailed macromodel which can then be smoothed to any required bandwidth.


  • Add more detail to an existing velocity trend model
  • Interactively model different geological scenarios
  • Highly intuitive for both Geologists and Geophysicists
  • Easy to use
Hidef Macromodel Building diagram

Cut from Top – Parallel to Base

Hidef Macromodel Building diagram

Stretch and Squeeze – Proportional

Hidef Macromodel Building diagram

Cut from Base – Parallel to Upper

Hidef Macromodel Building diagram

HiDef Velocity Macromodel