Simulated Annealing Inversion: Seismic Scalar Estimation

It is common that amplitudes of seismic data don’t match the amplitude range of a log reflectivity trace. In other words, when a derived wavelet is convolved with the log reflectivity, the resulting synthetic trace may have a different amplitude range from seismic data.

In order to properly calculate a misfit between synthetic and observed seismic data in the objective function computation, there is a need to estimate a scalar which can be applied to seismic data. In this package, the seismic scalar is automatically determined by comparing amplitude envelopes of synthetic and seismic traces. The scalar is then applied to seismic data before inversion begins.

From Left to Right:

Seismic trace

Synthetic trace

Amplitude envelope of seismic trace

Amplitude envelope of synthetic trace

A scalar is determined from the two envelopes and passed onto the parameter grid

Seismic Scalar diagram