Kingdom Seismic Inversion Covered At SEG 2018

SEG International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting Anaheim 2018

This year the 88th Annual SEG Exposition is held at the Anaheim Convention Center, just outside Los Angeles, California. The conference this year showcases a Student Education Symposium with a focus on developing new talent and innovative thinking to lead the way in solving the world’s energy needs. This high-profile event in the geoscience calendar also brings together great leaders from different disciplines to provide support and guidance, not to mention the networking opportunities, at the social events and on the exposition floor.

With the oil price stabilising around the $80 mark, the business climate in the United States is looking optimistic, with a number of onshore US plays becoming profitable once again. This is leading to some exciting potential in the world of exploration geophysics, as the ‘easy to reach’ opportunities are becoming fewer in number, more emphasis will be focused on the tools available to safely obtain oil and gas from progressively deeper prospects.

The significance of accurate time to depth conversion increases with deeper plays, as the velocity model is more sensitive, with the decreasing resolution of seismic data with depth. It is therefore of key importance to have a scientifically robust and complete toolkit available to accurately make a prognosis of depth!

The latest developments in Kingdom VelPAK and Velit for Petrel will be demonstrated, featuring numerous developments to the gridding system, enhancements to the Wizard, Seismic Velocity Calibration, as well as a host of display and usability improvements to improve the performance/usage of the package.

Kingdom Seismic Inversion and InSeis for Petrel will be on show, with us discussing the new Average Wavelet capability of the software, enabling you to derive a separate wavelet for each well and amalgamate a number of them together to handle the spatial variation within a specific time window, within your area of study.

If you would like to come and see how we can help you make the right decisions in depth and see the results for yourself, then you can contact us to arrange a private demonstration at


We look forward to seeing you there!